Directorate General of Training (DGT)

Government of India

Optional Trades with syllabus

Optional Trade under the Apprentices Act, 1961


Subject fields / Job Roles / Trade
Accountant  PDF Image  136.56 KB
Back Office Assistant PDF Image  132.89 KB
Banking Front Office Executive and Telecaller PDF Image  133.81 KB
Commodities Front Desk Apprentice PDF Image  135.58 KB
General Insurance Apprentice PDF Image  141.78 KB
Life Insurance Apprentice PDF Image  138.87 KB
Accounts Executive PDF Image  82.37 KB
Debt Recovery Agent PDF Image  81.85 KB
Equity Dealer PDF Image  83.68 KB
Life Insurance Agent PDF Image  82.93 KB
Mutual Fund Agent PDF Image  82.88 KB
Business Correspondent Business Facilitator PDF Image  82.84 KB
Mutual Fund Apprentice PDF Image  136.34 KB
Equity Front Desk Apprentice PDF Image  140.64 KB
Micro Finance Apprentice PDF Image  135.76 KB
Loan Processing Apprentice PDF Image  132.38 KB
Material Handler PDF Image  379.88 KB (Warehouse/Manufacturing Plant/EXIM) PDF Image  379.88 KB
Packer PDF Image  374.03 KB (Warehouse/Packaging House/ Manufacturing Plant) PDF Image  374.03 KB
Storage And Inventory Executive PDF Image  372.39 KB (Warehouse/Manufacturing Plant) PDF Image  372.39 KB
Retail Sales Associate PDF Image  837.74 KB
Distributor Salesman PDF Image  728.79 KB
Clinical Medical Laboratory Technician (Pathology) PDF Image  660.14 KB
Data Entry Operator PDF Image  519.16 KB
Store Keeper PDF Image  317.98 KB
Document Executive (Customs Clearance) PDF Image  574.5 KB
Field Executive (Custom Clearance) PDF Image  573.55 KB
International Freight Forwarding Executive PDF Image  577.31 KB
Mattress Manufacturing Operator PDF Image  594.18 KB
Security Guard (General Duty) PDF Image  561.14 KB
Boiler Maker PDF Image  1.59 MB
Computer Fitter PDF Image  796.56 KB
Electronic Fitter PDF Image  714.09 KB
Gas Turbine Fitter PDF Image  1.09 MB
Weapon Fitter PDF Image  979.78 KB
Cargo Handler PDF Image  399.81 KB
Cargo Surveyor PDF Image  455.5 KB
Cold Chain Engineering and Equipment Maintenance PDF Image  450.55 KB
Cold Chain Storage and Distribution Executive PDF Image  445.51 KB
Commercial Vehicle Driver (Warehouse, Land Transportation and Courier) PDF Image  460.42 KB
Customer Support & Vechicle Operations Executive (Warehouse & Land Transportation) PDF Image  455.38 KB
Data Feeder (All Logistics sub-sectors) PDF Image  459.16 KB

Documentation & Claims Management Executive (Warehouse, Land Transportation & Courier) PDF Image  549.16 KB

Order Processing Executive (E-Commerce) PDF Image  381 KB

Reverse Logistics Executive (E-Commerce) PDF Image  382.05 KB

Ground Operations Executive – Air Cargo PDF Image  544.69 KB

Hub Branch Operations Executive (Courier) PDF Image  479.15 KB
MHE Maintenance Executive (Ware house/ Packaging House/ Manufacturing Plant) PDF Image  451.37 KB
Mooring Operations Executive PDF Image  367.72 KB
Outbound & Gateway Operations Executive (Courier) PDF Image  445.47 KB
Sales Executive (Courier) PDF Image  457.81 KB
In-plant Logistics Executive (Supply chain) PDF Image  389.28 KB
Procurement and Order Fulfilment Executive (Supply Chain) PDF Image  385.39 KB
Warehouse Executive PDF Image  448.9 KB
Draftsman(Electrical) PDF Image  131.14 KB
Ticketing Consultant PDF Image  526.43 KB
Travel Consultant PDF Image  437.86 KB
Assistant (Human Resource) PDF Image  111.75 KB
Printing Operator PDF Image  5.88 MB
UPVC Door & Window making and Glazier Technology PDF Image  (file not found)
Executive (Marketing) PDF Image  203.07 KB
Executive (Finance and Accounts) PDF Image  193.12 KB
Executive ( Human Resource) PDF Image  191.72 KB
Executive (Contracts & Procurement) PDF Image  192.93 KB
Executive (Computer Science) PDF Image  192.61 KB
BPO Executive (Voice) PDF Image  1.04 MB
Bar Bender & Steel Fixer PDF Image  530.56 KB
Formwork PDF Image  661.59 KB
Construction Electrician PDF Image  728.1 KB
Tiling PDF Image  835.92 KB
Concrete Lab Technician PDF Image  700.29 KB
Advanced Masonry PDF Image  729.13 KB
Construction Plumber PDF Image  665.63 KB
Construction Welder PDF Image  475.53 KB
Construction Surveyor PDF Image  466.16 KB
CCTV Camera Equipment Installation, Service & Maintenance PDF Image  721.72 KB
Fiber Optic Technician PDF Image  464.02 KB
Operator Centreless Grinder PDF Image  1 MB
Manufacturing Associate-Modern Shop Floor Engineering PDF Image  895.38 KB
Laboratory Assistant-Immuno Diagnostic (Production/Manufacturing Plant) PDF Image  115.09 KB
Diamond Laser Sawing Machine Operator (Production/Manufacturing Unit) PDF Image  1.22 MB
Retail Assistant PDF Image  1.08 MB


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