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Advanced Vocational Training Scheme (AVTS)

In order to upgrade and update the skills of serving industrial workers, the AVTS is in operation since 1977. The scheme was launched by erstwhile DGE&T, Ministry of Labour and (now Directorate General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship) in collaboration with UNDP/ILO in 1977 at the then 6 Advanced Training Institutes (ATIs) under DGE&T and 16 ITIs of the 15 State Governments. Under the scheme, training in selected skill areas is being imparted through short-term modular courses of one to six weeks’ duration. Tailor-made courses suiting to the specific requirements of industrial establishments are also offered. Over 3.5 lakh industrial workers / technicians have made use of the training facilities at the NSTIs (erstwhile ATIs) since Sept, 2007. With financial assistance from World Bank, training facilities in additional areas were created at ATIs and the existing training facilities were also strengthened.

NSTI (Ramanthapuram) (erstwhile ATI-EPI) Hyderabad was established in 1974 with the assistance from the Swedish International Development Authority (SIDA), ILO and the second NSTI (erstwhile ATI-EPI) at Dehradun has been set up to cater to the training requirement of industries / organizations by offering both short and long term courses especially in the field of Electronic & Process Instrumentation.

Brief about NSTIs under DGT alongwith courses

SI.no Name of the Institute AVTS courses conducted and total no. trained till Dec. 2018.
1 NSTI Mumbai 1)Advanced Electronics 2) Advanced Welding 3) Automobile 4) Electrical Maintenance 5) Industrial Chemistry 6) Metrology & Engineering
Inspection 7) Machine Tool Maintenance 8) Advanced Tool & Die Making 9) CNC 10) CAD/CAM 11) Hydraulics and Pneumatics 12) Process Control Instrumentation 13) Unit Operation
2 NSTI Kanpur (1) NC/CNC (2) HI-TECH CAD/CAM (3) Hi Tech CNC (4) Electrical Maintenance (5) Advance Welding (6) Metrology and Engineering Inspection (7) IT/Computer (8) Control Technology (9) Media Resource Centre (10) Advanced Electronics
3 NSTI Howarh (1) Pneumatic &Hydraulic Control (2) Microcomputer & Industrial Control (PLC) (3) Electrical Maintenance & Electronic Control (4) Advanced Welding (5) Mechanical Maintenance (6) Tool Room (7) Hi-Tech Training (CAD/CAM/CNC) (8) Computer & It’s Applications (9) Metrology & Engineering Inspection (10) Heat Treatment and Non-Destructive Testing (11) Automobile (SI/CI) (12) Refrigeration & Air-Conditioning 13) Carpentry 14)Grinding 15)TDM 16)Civil(D’man)17)Machinist 18)Turning 19)Process Control & Instrumentation and 20) Reading of Mechanical Drawing.
4 NSTI Hyderabad (V) (1)CNC (2) CAD-CAM (3) Control Technology (4) Ref. & A/C (5) Indl. Automation (6) Computer Tech. (7) Elect. Maint. (8) Advance Welding (9) Induction to Engg. Tech (10) Metrology (11) Machine Tool Maint. (12) Automobile5
5 NSTI Chennai 1. Electrical maintenance 2. Electronic maintenance 3. Process Control Instrumentation 4. Metrology &Engineering Inspection 5. Machine Tool Maintenance 6. Production technology, 7 Hydraulic & Pneumatic Controls 8.CAD/CAM, 9.CNC Centre 10. Heat Treatment & Material Testing 11. Heat Engine 12. Advanced welding 13. Industrial Chemistry
6 NSTI Hyderabad (R) 1.Industrial Electronics (Programmable Logic Controller (PLC-SCADA), Embedded System & VLSL, Electrical Maintenance, General Electronics, Information Technology, IoT, Optical Fibre Communications, Information Technology (Windows Networking & Security, Wireless Networking and Security)

2. Process Instrumentation (Process Control Lab, Thermal Lab, Process Plant Lab

3.Medical Electronics (X-Ray & Dark Room Systems, U/S Scanners, ICU Equipments, Ventilators, ECG Recorders, Physiotherapy Equipments, Clinical Lab Equipments, Electrical Safety Testing for Bio-medical equipments

4. Consumer Electronics (Electronics Instrumentation, Solar Panel and LED lighting, PCs.

5. 3 months duration courses certificate courses (Industrial Automation using PLC-SCADA, Process Instrumentation and Control with DCS, Electrical Maintenance, Bio Medical Equipments)

6. Management Development Programmes (Soft Skill and presentation skills, Supervisory Development programme, HRD for presentation skills Workers.)

7 NSTI Ludhiana 1)TDM (2) TRO (3) Metrology and Engg. Inspection (4) MTM (5)Advanced Welding (6) Control Technology (7) Material Testing Course (8) I.S.R.E.D. (9) Heat Engine (10) Electrical Maintenance (11) Hi-Tech CNC/Master CAM Solidworks2014 (12) Advanced Electronic Maintenance (13 Agricultural machinery (14) Media Resource Centre
8 NSTI Dehradun 1) Embedded System Lab (2) Industrial Automation Lab (3) Information Technology and Auto CAD Lab (4) Solar Technology &Its Application (5) Advanced Medical Electronics lab
9 NSTI Calicut (1) Course in RAC Technician, (2). Courses in Automation, (3) Courses in Green Technology, (4) Courses in Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance
10 NSTI Bangalore -I 1)Fitter 2) Turner 3) Machinist Grinder 4) Welder 5) Electrician 6) Electronic Mechanic 7) C S A
11 NSTI Jamshedpur (1) Supervisory Development
(2) Inspection &Quality Control
(3) Maintenance Management
(4) Metrology & Engineering Inspection
(5) Process Control & Integration with PLC
(6) Skill Development in Machining Processes
(7) Programming & operation with CNC
(8) Industrial Automation
12 NSTI Bangalore-II (1) CNC Maintenance (2) Green Technology (3) Mechatronics (4) communication Technology (5) Embedded Systems (6) Precision Measurement (7) Information Technology (8) Soft Skills (9) Diploma in IT, Networking and Cloud