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Flexi MOU

Flexible Memorandum of Understanding or Flexi-MoU Scheme

The scheme is designed to cater to the needs of both industry as well as trainees. The scheme allows industries to train candidates as per their skill set requirements and provides trainees with an industry environment aligned with the market demand and latest technology to undergo training.

An Employer Skiller Model:

The scheme envisages prospective employer (industry) with established infrastructure, robust training facilities, as well as trained faculty, to conduct in-house skilling of prospective employee to add industry ready trainees to its workforce.

Flexibility of Course:

Industry to create tailored skilling programmes with customized courses, having market relevant content that meets the industry requirements. Curriculum of courses developed by ITP should be designed with more weightage towards industrial training. Courses must have high employment potential.

For IT/ITES and similar sectors, courses developed may be purely online.

Industrial Training Partner (ITP):

The participating entities need to enter into agreement or MoU with DGT, as an Industrial Training Partner (ITP). ITP can be Industry/Organization, Industry Clusters/ Associations, Skill Universities.

MoU Duration:

MoU will be signed for a period of 3 years, and may be extended in slots of 3 years if successful.

Course Duration:

Duration of training including classroom training and industry training components shall be minimum 6 months, and maximum 24 months (2 years).

Trainees’ Selection & Admission:

The ITP have the flexibility of selecting the trainees as per their selection criteria over and above the prescribed criteria. Admission time and training cycle has been kept flexible.

The ITP signing Flexi-MoU must train minimum of 100 trainees per annum with a cap of 1000 trainees per annum.

Training, Assessment, Certification and Placement

Conducting training of selected candidates is the sole responsibility of ITP. Assessment will be jointly done by ITP and DGT. Industry gets to conduct practical and formative assessments and evaluation. ITP must ensure placement of at-least 50% of the total successful trainees trained.

Grievance Redressal:

ITP should create an internal committee for managing trainee grievances, similar to the provisions made for regular employees ITP.

Benefits for Trainees

Training in industry relevant courses with high employment potential. Interactions with experienced industry experts/professionals. Exposure to industry shop-floor environment & latest equipment. Increased employment avenues in multiple industries in that sector. Industry ready, exposure to best practices, latest machines, tools, and equipments.

Scheme Guidelines for Flexible Memorandum of Understanding (Flexi-MoU). w.e.f.28.02.2019 Download Here
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