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Question: How the scheme will be implemented and what will be the role of implementing agency?


  • Implementing Agency: RDATs under DGE&T will act as implementing agencies in their region.
  • Role of implementing agency:
  • All the 6 RDATs will be given target every year for training of apprentices in their region depending upon the number of establishments in the region.
  • Every RDAT will give advertisement in the leading newspapers of their region quarterly for inviting applications from interested employers
  • Receipt and scrutiny of applications to identify eligible employer
  • Issue sanction order to the eligible employer
  • Receipt of claims from the employer for 50% of the prescribed stipend already paid to the apprentices for the initial period of the Scheme till 31st March 2015
  • Scrutiny of claims and making reimbursement to the employer
  • From 1st April 2015 making payment of 50% of the prescribed to the apprentice’s bank account.
  • Making visits to the establishments once in a six month for effective implementation of the Scheme.